The Skinny Scrunchie Set


For those of you who have already tried our 100% mulberry silk skinny scrunchies and are addicted or for those who want to up their hair care game and swap out their damaging elastics for a much gentler alternative. 

Our silk skinny scrunchies are super gentle on the hair, causing less friction and preventing breakage to hair. They hold position all day and look fabulous too. Ideal for those who want the benefits of silk bobbles but prefer a more discrete look than a traditional scrunchie. 

Each pack contains 5 of our signature silk scrunchies. 

Choose from either set: 

The OGs

  • blush, black, ivory, silver and champagne 

The Nudes

  • black, chocolate brown, taupe, champagne and ivory 

Save money by purchasing our multipacks rather than individuals. 

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