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The Silk Heatless Curl KitThe Silk Heatless Curl Kit
The Silk Heatless Curl Kit Sale price£42.00
Luxury Silk Hair Wrap/Bonnet/TurbanLuxury Silk Hair Wrap/Bonnet/Turban
Silk Large ScrunchieSilk Large Scrunchie
Silk Large Scrunchie Sale price£8.00
Silk Skinny ScrunchieSilk Skinny Scrunchie
Silk Skinny Scrunchie Sale price£6.00
Single Silk PillowcaseSingle Silk Pillowcase
Single Silk Pillowcase Sale price£45.00
Silk Scrunchie DuoSilk Scrunchie Duo
Silk Scrunchie Duo Sale price£14.00
The Skinny Scrunchie SetThe Skinny Scrunchie Set
The Skinny Scrunchie Set Sale price£24.00
Deluxe Silk Pillowcase Sleep SetDeluxe Silk Pillowcase Sleep Set
Silk Sleep Eye MaskSilk Sleep Eye Mask
Silk Sleep Eye Mask Sale price£22.00
Pair of Silk PillowcasesPair of Silk Pillowcases
Pair of Silk Pillowcases Sale price£76.00
SAMPLE SALE Silk Face CoveringSAMPLE SALE Silk Face Covering
Luxury Silk Sleep Bonnet Gift SetLuxury Silk Sleep Bonnet Gift Set
The Skinny Silk Heatless Curl KitThe Skinny Silk Heatless Curl Kit
The Silkenberry Signature Wave Comb & Claw ClipThe Silkenberry Signature Wave Comb & Claw Clip
Large Claw ClipLarge Claw Clip
Large Claw Clip Sale price£6.00
Sold outSignature Silkenberry Clip TrioSignature Silkenberry Clip Trio
Silk Eye Mask Sleep SetSilk Eye Mask Sleep Set
Silk Eye Mask Sleep Set Sale price£34.00
Silkenberry Detangling HairbrushSilkenberry Detangling Hairbrush
Silkenberry MAN Luxury Silk Boxer ShortsSilkenberry MAN Luxury Silk Boxer Shorts
Extra Large Claw ClipsExtra Large Claw Clips
Extra Large Claw Clips Sale price£8.00
Double Layer Luxury Silk Hair Wrap/Bonnet/TurbanDouble Layer Luxury Silk Hair Wrap/Bonnet/Turban
The Skinny Minis Scrunchie Set
Silkenberry MAN Deluxe Silk Pillowcase and Boxer Shorts setSilkenberry MAN Deluxe Silk Pillowcase and Boxer Shorts set
Sold outSAMPLE SALE Silk Skinny Scrunchie
Sold outMini Clips Set of 4Mini Clips Set of 4
Mini Clips Set of 4 Sale price£13.00