Discover the many benefits of Silk for your hair and your skin. A simple change of switching to Silk can put you on a journey towards more youthful, clearer skin and smoother, healthier hair. 

Why Silk?
Silk helps to keep your skin and hair hydrated. Plump skin cells show fewer fine lines and more luminosity than dehydrated skin cells. It also helps lock in those expensive night creams. 
Silk is a natural breathable material that allows better circulation preventing the build up of heat and moisture on the skin. Silk is smooth and gentle causing less friction on delicate skin and fragile hair. 

Our Silk
Our Luxury Mulberry Silk is sourced from the finest Origins. All of our Products are made from high grade 22 Momme Mulberry Silk. Unlike man-made Satin our natural Silk contains no synthetic fibres such as polyester. It is naturally hypoallergenic and repellent to dust mites and other nasties.